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At MCG we pride ourselves in providing you the client with industry leading Dynamic Services. These services will not only identify and provide solutions for the various areas of your data environment but also provide system saving assistance to those projects that have fallen short of expectations.

We at MCG can even develop your entire I/T strategy from the bottom up. We employ top experts who possess the uncanny ability to dig deep into any data environment to identify and recommend time and cost saving solutions.

In summary, the purpose of this group is to simply identify problem areas or new areas of improvement and to propose solutions - nothing else. After this point, it is left to your organization to determine:

a) if and when such solutions should be implemented and if so

b) who will perform the development.

Data Logistics Analysis:

The data logistic analysis is definitely our flagship service. Without the execution of such a thorough analysis it is nearly impossible to implement any solutions with any degree of certainty.

This analysis begins with an investigation of your core business (Discovery Process) whose purpose is to learn how your organization operates on a day to day basis.

Next, a second analysis begins which digs deep into every corner of your data environment and identifies the "soft spots" (Data Flow Analysis). Quite simply, this analysis follows the flow of data from its creation point (origin) all the way to its place of storage (final destination) with a careful examination of every single point along the way.

The identification of these areas can have a substantial impact on your operating expenses. Our consultants are trained to identify these problem areas and to recommend potential solutions. These solutions are not always system related. In many instances the establishment of a simple process or procedure can solve a major problem.

All in all, this service allows a "fresh set of qualified eyes" into your data environment. The two major components of this service are as follows:

Discovery Process
  The purpose of this phase is to literally absorb the business and understand how it operates. This is accomplished by quite simply meeting face to face with the key functional area resources. This is an integral part of the analysis because it provides our consultants with invaluable information that can be referred to during the next phase, the data flow analysis. This practical information can unlock new enhancements/solutions/processes connected directly to the business.
Data Flow Analysis
  This phase maps out the flow of data from point A to point B and all the way to point Z. During this phase both a system needs analysis and a process and procedures analysis is performed. The system needs analysis identifies areas of systematic development whereas the process and procedures analysis identifies areas where time and cost saving controls are recommended. Again both are executed with the knowledge attained during the discovery process.

Re-engineering Strategy

MCG realizes that development projects don't always go along as planned. That is the reason why we offer a dynamic service called the re-engineering strategy that searches for the root cause of your system problem(s). Our qualified consultants will closely examine everything from the technical infrastructure to the methods practiced by the end users who utilize the system. Included within this service is a thorough analysis and presentation outlining our findings. We at MCG would strongly dislike seeing your new capital and energy rich system losing its value and eventually being turned down or replaced. We can perform our industry leading analysis to get your system on track.

I/T Strategy Identification

MCG has recognized that various businesses, large or small, need assistance defining their I/T strategy. We can assist in defining your entire I/T strategy or defining a new component of your general strategy. Furthermore, MCG can play an integral part in defining your system integration strategy that is commonly found within corporate-wide mergers. No matter what your I/T strategy needs are, MCG has the resources and ability to define a award winning strategy that will not only fit your present company needs but also position you favorably for the future.


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