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Mentor System Solutions will work in close communication with you, the client in developing the information systems needed to drive decisions throughout your organization.

Our industry demanded expertise/consultants possess the knowledge to guide you through every one of the development steps with careful attention to detail. Our systems will increase productivity and redirect the energies of your organization from mundane, repetitive and often error ridden tasks to the formulation of business strategies to support the growth of your business.

Management and Decision Support Systems (MSS and DSS)

Management and Decision Support Systems (MSS and DSS) MCG specializes in the development and implementation of management and decision support systems. Once developed these systems become the "nucleus" of every organization providing invaluable fact based information about every facet of the business along with incite concerning your own industry.

MCG uses the latest technologies to bring such systems to life:

Application Layer - Front-end GUIs (Visual Basic, Java, etc)
Data Layer - Database Architecture (Oracle, SQL Server, etc)
CRM (SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft, etc)
Reporting Software (Crystal Reports, Business Objects, etc)

Core Business System Development (Operational Support Systems - OSS)

MCG can select or custom-build systems that run the entire operations of your business - Financial/Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, Billing Systems, Human Resources, etc.

With the implementation of every one of these systems MCG makes it a requirement that all cross-compatibility issues are investigated to ensure the flow of data is not interrupted or compromised. Additionally, MCG always looks beyond the horizon to determine how a newly implemented system will operate with other systems that might be implemented at a later date.

MCG recommends and implements the following software systems:

Microsoft Great Plains
ADP (payroll)

External Channel Systems - e-commerce, e-business (B2B, B2C)

E-commerce and e-business have not only become the norm within business today but a requirement in order to compete within the global economy. It is now essential that every company is able to communicate with their suppliers and customers in e-time. We at MCG have the necessary specialists available to propose and implement your company's e-solutions.

MCG utilizes the latest technologies for e-solutions:

Supply Chain Management
Extranet Solutions
E-business Solutions
E-commerce Solutions

Data Warehousing

MCG realizes that the infrastructure, specifically the data warehouse layer, is the most critical component in the performance of any system application. An organization can build the most industry leading front-end application but if the core database (data warehouse) model has not been constructed efficiently and effectively it can lead to numerous problems including the total failure of a system.

Furthermore, depending on the complexity of the database model, relative size and processing requirements, a careful examination of various operating systems needs to take place. MCG employs the best database architects and database administrators to ensure this all so important data layer is built to the specifications of the front-end application and never compromised.

MCG utilizes the latest methodologies and technologies within data warehousing:

Database Technologies
Oracle 8i, MS SQL Server, etc
Operating System Technologies
NT, UNIX, Linux, etc
Relational Database Models

Infrastructure (data warehouse)

MCG acknowledges the sheer importance of a data warehouse infrastructure. Problems encountered within such an environment can range from minors issues like sporadic outages to major issues like complete data loss. In order to minimize and virtually eliminate such instances, MCG provides many services including:

Equipment Selection
  MCG will thoroughly examine your present and future demands for your environment in order to recommend and implement the necessary equipment platforms (i.e. servers). Database architecture, performance requirements, and capacity estimates will be examined in determining what type of equipment will best fit your short and long term data plans.
Disaster Recovery and Backup
  MCG recognizes that all data warehouses need a reliable disaster recovery plan. Our experts will recommend and implement mirror backup servers within off-site locations to ensure the necessary levels of redundancy are exceeded. Additionally, we will assist in the formulation of a data recovery plan in the event of a disaster.
Data Transfer Connections
  MCG will identify and examine all data transfer streams to ensure that they are both reliable and redundant. Additionally, we will examine all data loading methods utilized. If problems are found we will recommend and implement any new technologies or methods.

Network Related Services - LAN/WAN Design and Implementation AND Complete LAN/PC Support & Maintenance

Web Site Services

Ever since the advent of the Internet this new medium has been identified as a viable channel to interact with present and prospective customers and suppliers. If your company needs an entire site developed or you're looking to take your site to the next level or just someone to maintain your site, MCG has the resources available. Our resources are well rehearsed within the latest web development tools along with expertise within the graphic design areas. Furthermore, MCG has the technical resources available to recommend, configure and setup your web hosting infrastructure.

MCG utilizes the following web developed software:

Cold Fusion
Macromedia Dreamweaver
Microsoft FrontPage
Adobe Go Live


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